WildWood, New Jersey

About Wildwood:Wildwood_sign
This is a popular resort for many tourists from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Delaware during the summer months.
It is most known for its beach and a promenade 3km long, where there are numerous restaurants, shops, fun parks…In 2008, it was chosen for the best beach in New Jersey. Tourists come to Wildwood for a day, a weekend, a week, and some spend even a whole summer. Wildwood is a family resort with a rich content for all ages – large number of restaurants, pubs, cafes, discotheques, sport bars, promenades with fun content and various types of recreation on water. You can find fun at any time of the day. On the promenade itself, there are three fun parks which offer over 100 various drives and other attractions- including world- famous rollercoaster and water parks. Recreation on water implies jet skiing, parasailing, wave running, surfing and boat renting. The number of tourists is going up to 200 thousand a day, which positively reflects on this seasonal place. Wildwood has over 90 hotels, motels and 130 restaurants.

Popular tourist site TripAdvisor named him the most popular tourist destination of America for 2014 Top destination on the Rise 2014


Summers are hot and humid, with average temperatures from 28-31°C



It consists of a complex of three fun parks and two aqua parks. It is situated in Wildwood

Advantages of working in Morey’s Piers:

  • Location! It’s close to big cities – New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.
  • Working on the Atlantic Ocean coast.
  • Employees have a FREE entrance to fun parks.
  • FREE Internet
  • Employer organizes parties.
  • Discount on food and drinks.
  • Employer assists during finding accommodation and going for SSN.


Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided Housing cost per week in Wildwood
Ride Attendant $ 8.38 No No Around $100
Admissions $ 8.38 No No Around $100
Food Services $ 8.38 No No Around $100
Games Operator $ 8.38 No No Around $100
Lifeguard $ 8.38 No No Around $100

It is situated on the promenade in Wildwood and it offers a great choice of games of chance, electronic games, jackpot machines…Mariners_Arcade_Wildwood_Boardwalk

Students are offered:

  • Work and life in fun community on the Atlantic coast.
  • Possibility of bonus at the end of the season.
  • Application for the groups of friends or couples.


Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided Housing cost per week in Wildwood
Games Operator $ 8.40 No No Around $100