Vermont is a state in New England region whose capital is Montpelier. It got its name by French geographer Samuel de Champlain who explored the regions of the northeast of the USA and called them “ver mont” what means “Green Mountain”. Otherwise, 75% of territory of this state is covered by forest.

Lake Champlain is a lake and tourist destination on the west of Vermont State and it makes the half of its border with the neighbor state.Vermont combined



Basin Harbor Club is a hotel on the Champlain Lake which has been successfully led by the Beach family for 124 years.It spreads on the surface of 700 hectares and it is opened in May till the end of October. Hotel has a golf court, marina, tennis courts, fitness center and it has a wonderful view on Adirondack Mountains.

Basin Harbor Club is a great place for work:

  • Over 600 of employees in the hotel are from various countries outside the USA.
  • Employers have provided accommodation and 3 meals a day for ONLY $100/per week.
  • There is a free ride organized to Burlington, 3 times a week for the employees.
  • Cash bonus at the end of the season (for those who fulfill the conditions).

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Basin Harbor Club Compil

Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided Overtime
Kitchen Assistant $ 9.60 No $100 Yes
Dishwasher $ 9.60 No $100 Yes
Dining Room Server Assistant $ 9.60 No $100 Yes
Hostess $ 9.60 No $100 Yes
Bartender $ 9.60 No $100 Yes