St. Louis

St. Louis

St. Louis or ‘’West gate’ (as this city is known to Americans) is situated only a few stations from Chicago, Kansas City and many other famous cities. That is a city with beautiful landscapes, and the main attraction is Gateway Arch building made of steel and 180 meters high. it spreads across the Mississippi River. The city is famous for its sports teams (St. Louis Cardinals u MLB-u, St. Louis Blues u NHL-u, i St. Louis Rams u NBA-u). It is also the home of the most famous American pub (Anheuser Busch). There is a large number of restaurants and shops which are located around the Mississippi River, and the most interesting thing for the visitors are casinos on the water.

Through its history, McDonalds became one of the trademarks of the USA. McDonalds Corporation is the biggest chain of fast food restaurants on the world market. It serves around 68 million clients everyday in 119 countries worldwide in 35,000 restaurants. With the head office in the USA, company started working in 1940, as a barbecue restaurant which was led by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948, they reorganized their business, as burger stand. In 1955, a businessman Ray Kroc joined them as the franchise agent. Later, he bought the chain from McDonald brothers and he supervised its unaccepted expansion and

Locations on which students work:

1. Town and Country is one of the most visited locations of McDonalds in the state of Missouri. In the same area, there is a supermarket chain (Schnucks), Target, Whole Foods, large number of restaurants and many little shops.

2. McDonalds, which is situated in Chesterfield, is next to the bus station in a very crowded neighborhood. In that area, one can find over 55 restaurants, also two shopping centers, Wall-Mart department store and many others.

Job title Hourly wage Tips Hours per week Housing cost per week Overtime
 cashier/cook/janitor 8,50$ Maybe 35-40 $40-$80 Yes

Drury Hotels Company is a company which owns over 130 hotels in 21 federal states in the USA with the head office in Creve Coeur town, Missouri. The company was established by James Drury in 1959. This hotel chain works under the names Drury Inn, Drury Inn and Suites, Drury Suites, Drury Plaza Hotel and Pear Tree Inn.

Job title Hourly wage Tips Hours per week Housing cost per week
Laundry Attendant/Floor Houseperson $10.27 Maybe 35 $25-$70