Social Security Number

  • SSN is a social number which everyone has to have in order to legally work in the USA. This number is given after the application for it, after arrival to America. It is necessary to apply for issuing SSN in the nearest Social Security office after arrival to America.

    The Candidate has to enclose:

    • passport
    • DS-2019 form,
    • J-1 visa,
    • I-94 form,
    • Certificate of employment (official letter signed and certified by the employer).
  • You get the SSN after 15 -20 days, and the card with the number after 1-3 months. Participants of the program can work with the certificate that they applied for the SSN. If the status is confirmed – student will get the social number (SSN), if the status is not confirmed, application for the social number will be sent to the State Security Department in order to check the student’s status. That slows the process of getting the social number. Only the students with the confirmed status can get their social number. Students who are not confirmed as being in the SEVIS system or they do not show up at work the first day have the “NO SHOW” status, and they will not get the SSN (these cases are rare).