Lifeguard program

  • Summer Work and Travel lifeguard program

    450 dol

    + 290 dol (Health Insurance)

    Work and Travel Group cooperates with the most famous companies in the field of employing lifeguards, which will conduct direct interviews in your home country!

    Program price includes:

    • Provided job
    • Health Insurance Throughout the whole staying, in USA(Special offer only in Work and Travel GROUP)
    • interview with an American employer live or via skype
    • Conference 2017 – conference/orientation of the program organizer from the USA whose goal is to prepare a candidate for their obligations after arrival to the USA and obligations during the stay itself in the USA
    • Services of providing accommodation depend on the employer
    • Specialized course of ENGLISH LANGUAGE created according to the program needs as a preparation for the interview with an employer and one in the Embassy, which is realized in cooperation with school of foreign languages.
    • SEVIS (US Department of Student & Exchange Visitor Information System ) and application.
    • Brochure with all the information about the job and place where the student will stay (transport, banks, safety, accommodation, food, hospitals, fun places…)
    • Full description of the job and candidate preparation (e.g. position food server – candidate will get the instructions about the way of working, menus in the USA, behavior related to the guests, their demands…) for work in America.
    • Preparation of documentation, scheduling and complete preparation of students for the conversation in the Embassy
    • Help and support in the first few days/weeks after arrival to the USA by the program coordinator, as well as 24/7 support during the whole program by the authorized sponsor companies in the USA.
    • Organization of the orientation and complete preparation for the program rules after departure to the USA, which the candidate is obliged to come to…



    • Program application
    • Return ticket to the United States of America
    • Expenses of visa for the USA( it has to be paid in Intesa bank naming the American Embassy in your home country)
    • Accommodation expenses during the stay in the USA and food if the chosen job does not include these categories.
    • Training for the working position of a lifeguard on the pools. Training expenses will be refunded by the company, only if the student stays working at the employer until the end of the working contract.



    • If the student DOES NOT GET VISA,and is not the student of first year and fulfills all the conditions:

    1) That they regularly passed the exams in the last 12 months and that they did not renew a faculty year

    2) That they have studied continually so far, have not made pauses between the entered faculty years due to any reason i.e. the end of the summer semester on the undergraduate studies has to follow the winter semester (in the current calendar year), the following faculty year that is master, specialized or PhD studies,

    3) That they were not rejected for any type of visa for the USA in the past,

    4) That they have at least three passed exams in the current year,

    5) That they did not enter the other faculty

    6) That they did not make pauses between finishing secondary school and entering faculty

    7) That they went to at least 80% of classes of the special course of English language which were organized by  school of foreign languages ) WE KEEP ONLY 50$ !!

  • If a candidate quits after applying the program, and before signing the contract with the employer we keep 100 dollars.
  • If a candidate quits in case when they already signed /accepted the contract with the employer, before getting the visa, we keep 250 dollars.
  • If a student did not get the visa, and they do not fulfill conditions under the first item we keep 250 dollars (the candidate is obliged after the interview in the American Embassy to deliver DS-2019 form to the agency).
  • If a candidate quits after getting the visa due to any reasons (even objective personal reasons) money cannot be returned and a candidate has no right of refund.
  • Cash partpaid at the application part are not refundable in any option.