Preparations for the program

We were the first and only to form and perform the detailed preparation of the students for their stay in the USA.
  1. Within the preparations for the program, we provide students with:PRACTICAL TRAINING which will be held by the professional American instructors with the aim to train you for doing the jobs which expect you, prepare you for the stay, as well as, to get you closer to the way of functioning of the catering in the USA!
  2. Preparation for testing in the SERVSAFE which is the world recognized course in catering ( created by the American International Restaurant Association in the USA. This course costs about 300$ to 500$, and within our program it is FREE!
  3. Specialized course of English language language is created according to the program needs as the preparation for the interview with the employer and the one in the Embassy,

★★★ Specialized course of ENGLISH language, PRACTICAL training and OFFICIAL SERVSAFE course which are performed only by us in the REGION will enable student:

  1. That they for a short period of 3 or 4 months, which they spend in the USA use in the best possible way!
  2. That they adapt to the cultural differences which expect them, as well as, to a different way of the business of the catering objects, what can be very hard if they do it in a go i.e. after arrival to the USA.
  3. That they are fully prepared for arrival to the USA- they have to have the ability to communicate in English language, as well as, the practical knowledge of the job they will do! (Great number of students has the problem with conversation in English language- what becomes obvious only after arrival to the USA!)
  4. That they have faster improvement at work.
  5. To find an additional job more easily! ( the key part of the program- earning additional money)
  6. To more easily get on in all situations during their stay in the USA (bank, post office, hospital, traveling in the USA), as well as, many other advantages during the program.