North and South Carolina

Atlantic Beach (North Carolina)

It is a town in North Carolina State on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a small community which has a population of about 2000 people. It is recognizable as a relaxed place for family holidays and excursions. Its location makes it suitable for shopping, night life or visiting restaurants. Since 1900, this place has attracted surfers, beach lovers with its numerous beaches, restaurants, shops, fishing tournaments, annual festivals. Tourists can stay in private motels or resorts and visit over 30 restaurants. Main source of profit is tourism.Atlantic Beach NC combined
Climate: subtropical with long and hot summers, whereas average summer temperature is 31°C


Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)

It is situated in South Carolina in the middle of related beaches known under the name Grand Strand. Myrtle Beach is one of bigger tourist centers in the USA. Because of its subtropical climate and long sandy beaches, it attracts over 14 million tourists in a year. This artificial island has a population of 27000 people. Myrtle Beach is a host to many conventions, music concerts and other events. Nearby attractions include golf courts, beaches, a few fun parks, aquarium and over 1900 restaurants. It is estimated that there are about 460 hotels in the surroundings and many of them are on the coast. In a nearby town, Myrtle Waves, there is one of the largest water parks on the east coast in the USA. The promenade is opened in 2010 and it is on the third place on a list of the best promenades in the USA according to National Geographic. Surrounding of Myrtle Beach represents the biggest area for shopping in South Carolina. Dominant area of economy is tourism which provides millions of dollars of income every year.Dramatic photo of Myrtle Beach at Night. Taken by Atlanta architectural photographer Chris Hamilton.
Climate: Humid subtropical climate and it brings summer temperatures of 28-33°C to this area.



Johnny Rockets is an American restaurant franchise with thematic decorations of their restaurants in style of the 50s of the 20th century. It was established in 1986 and today, it is present in 26 countries worldwide.

Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided Housing cost per week
Server $2.15 Yes Yes $100.00
Restaurant Worker $6.55+tip or $7.50; Varies Yes $100.00
Extreme Pizza is a restaurant franchise specialized for traditional and Californian type of pizzas. It was established in 1994 in San Francisco and, at this moment, it has over 30 objects through the USA. All the restaurants are decorated with the thematic of extreme sports. ExtremePizzaLogo
Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided Housing cost per week
Server $2.15 Yes Yes $100.00
Kitchen Worker $7.25- $8.50 Varies Yes $100.00

Charleston (South Carolina)

Charleston is one of the oldest towns in South Carolina and the second due to its population. It was established in 1670 and it got its name after English king Charles II of England.

Charleston is known for its unique culture which fits with its traditional southern, French and West African elements. Town center, which is situated on the semi peninsula, gained reputation due to its art, music, fashion and its local cuisine.

Charleston has many historical buildings, museums, theatres (the first theatre in the USA was built here), over 700 restaurants and about 60 hotels which make a rich tourist offer. Charleston-South-Carolina


 Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina

It is situated on the coast close to the historical part of the town Patriots Point. It offers a private beach, golf courts, marina, restaurant on the roof of the hotel, outdoor pool, gym and other facilities to its guests.Resort and marina

Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided Housing cost per week
Housekeeping & Laundry Attendant $9.00 Maybe Yes $155.00