Newport Tent Company

For more than thirty five years, Newport Tent Company has been working successfully in the area of the Southeast part of New England and it is one of the leading companies which deals with setting up of tents on the open space for various events. In their ownership, they have more elegant tents, handmade wooden dance floor, tables and chairs which will convert every event happening in the open to an exclusive event.

Location: Newport (Aquidneck Island), RI

Newport is a coastal town on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island state; it is situated 37 km south from Providence, RI and 98km from Boston, MA. In the 18th century, it was a great commercial port, and, today it is known as a tourist destination. The biggest beach on the island is situated in the town itself and you can see the most famous town attraction from it, “Newport Cliff Walk“ – 5.6 km long promenade along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Climate: Average temperature in summer is around 26oC

Position: Tent Crew (setting up of tents), $8/per hour (without a tip)
Accommodation price: $70/per week
Starting date of the contract: 21st May – 15th June
Finishing date of the contract: 15th September – 30th September
Minimal contract period: 3.5 months

English language knowledge required: Upper Intermediate