Nantucket Island is situated 30 miles from the Cape Cod coast. It is a popular tourist destination and summer colony; it is characterized by one of the most expensive real estates in America, according the „Forbes“magazine. The island where wind perfectly arranges the beaches, where every lighthouse appears as if being on a postcard. For many visitors, it makes an impression of an idealistic tourist destination. „National Geographic“magazine pronounced it to be the best island in the world.

Climate: Average temperature during summer is about 24oC



Nuntucket Bike Shop was established in 1976. For many years, tourists and local people have been getting unforgettable experience and ability to visit the whole island and enjoy beautiful view and fresh air. Besides the rental service, they do the bike and scooter service. They ask for energetic, communicative and team- oriented employees.

Job title Hourly wage Tips Hours per week Housing cost per week Overtime
Customer service $12 No 40 $150 Yes
PRN18-STOP-SHOP-LOGO-1y-1-1-1-2-1High-e1369919727719The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is the largest supermarket chain located all over the north-east of the United States.
The company’s formation goes back to 1914 when the Rabinowitz family in Somerville, MA, founded Economy Grocery Stores. In 1946, the number of supermakers had risen to 86, and then it was officially changed to the name of Stop & Shop, Inc , and now owns over 400 supermarkets and has about 40,000 employees.
Job title Hourly wage Tips Hours per week Housing Overtime
Grocery Clerk $10 Maybe 35 No Maybe