Your summer 2018

Our students and the (former) President of the USA, Barack Obama

Vaše leto 2016

“Summer Work and Travel USA” program is the best way for a student to travel through the United States of America, improve their language, meet the American culture and gain priceless life experience during their regular studies, but also to earn money working in the verified and safe American companies.

Through the Summer Work and Travel program which is organized by the American State Department through the organizational companies from the USA and accredited agencies, student is provided with the opportunity to feel “the AMERICAN DREAM”, feel life in the world metropolis, meet numerous nations and religions that live and work in the United States of America.

Advantages of the Summer Work and Travel program:

  • Knowledge improvement of English language through everyday communication with the citizens of the USA
  • Meeting a large number of different cultures and nations
  • Priceless life experience
  • Acquiring working habits
  • Chance of earning money
  • Becoming independent, gaining experience and knowledge for the team work

And the most important of all reasons “why Summer Work and Travel USA” is  THAT PROGRAM SUMMER WORK AND TRAVEL IS RESERVED ONLY FOR THE REGULAR STUDENTS. Take the unique opportunity!