Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson is a town situated in Jackson Hole valley in Wyoming on 1.900 m of elevation. This town is a starting point for millions of tourists who visit nearby Teton town and a little bit northern Yellowstone national park.
Summer season is the most visited one; especially in July and August, when daily temperatures vary from 21-32 degrees. In this area, there are over 120 restaurants and about 40 hotels which work through the whole year.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a valley surrounded by mountain chains. It is long about 80 km and it includes the area of over 600 km2.
Grand Teton National which is situated only a few kilometers from Jackson town has over 320 km of pedestrian paths and about 300 000 hectares of beautiful mountain landscapes and untouched wilderness.

Some of the activities which are the reason why tourists visit this area are: paragliding, mountain climbing, cycling, fishing, rafting, kayak riding, hiking and photographing the wilderness and wild animals…

Grand Teton



Why working in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort :

  • Live and work in the middle of outdoor recreation.
  • Free use of cable car (for transport of people and bicycles)
  • Accommodation provided for $150 per week.
  • Discounts for food, equipment renting, in a shop…
  • Availability of different activities such as paragliding, mountain climbing, hiking; free tickets for Grand Teton music festival!
Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing cost per week Overtime
Busser $ 6.75 Yes 35 $150 Yes
Dishwasher $ 9.20 No 35 $150 Yes
Prep Cook $ 10.75 No 35 $150 Yes
Bike Park Lift Operator $ 10.50 No 35 $150 Yes
Barista/Cashier $ 9.50 Yes 35 $150 Yes
Snake River Lodge & Spa is a hotel owned by Newport Hotel Group, and it is situated in Teton Village in Jackson Hole valley.

Employees are offered:

  • Free bus transport to work and during free time.
  • Free meal during your shift.
  • Employer provides socializing during holidays, historical sights tour, departures to local attractions…

Snake river

Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing cost per week Overtime
Prep Cook $ 14.00 No 35 $150 Yes
Housekeeper $ 13.50 Yes 35 $150 Yes
Busser/IRD/EXPO $ 9.00 Yes 35 $150 Yes

The Snow King Hotelwas built in 1976 and completely renovated in 2000. It is situated in Jackson Hole and it has over 200 thematic decorated rooms and apartments.

Employees are offered:

  • Great choice of different positions with excellent wages per hour
  • Help in finding accommodation
  • Free tickets for the town mini busSnow-king-600x300
Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing cost per week Overtime
Housekeeping Attendant $ 11.50 No 35 $150 Yes
Dishwasher $ 11.00 No 35 $150 Yes
Banquet Houseperson $ 4.90 Yes 35 $150 Yes