I-94 form

I-94 form contains the information about the date of arrival and departure from the USA. Every passenger who is not the citizen of the USA is recorded on the border while entering the USA. Representatives of the Immigration Department register every student on the border electronically when entering the USA and that represents the date of entering the USA, as well as, the status of J-1 visa.

Duration of status” is also written on the form (D/S- Duration of Status) and that date matches the date on the DS-2019 form, plus 30 additional days for the traveling. If the dates are different on I-94 and DS-2019 form, a candidate is obliged to leave the country according to the date on the I-94 form.

If the candidates stay in America after the date specified in I-94, they risk being deported and that the entrance in the USA is forbidden for them in the future.