Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks is the second city due to its size on Alaska after Anchorage. It has a population of 52 000 people and it is a head office of Alaska University. This city is only 2 hours of drive from Denali national park and bypass station for many tourists. In Fairbanks, you can experience various types of activities such as: fishing, river excursions, flying balloon, museum tours, ecology and adventurous tours for visitors (Gold Rush). Position of the city enables tourists to experience unforgettable mountain climbing, rafting, kayaking, or bobsleds with dogs, then skiing, camping, hunting etc. only a few minutes from the city. In summer months, average temperatures during the day are about 20°C.
In Fairbanks, there are 20 hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts and 190 restaurants, which provide a great chance of finding an additional job.


Hampton Inn and Suites

Hampton Inn is a brand and chain of hotels owned by Hilton Worldwide Company. At the moment, this is the largest franchise in the USA and it includes over 1900 hotels worldwide

Starting contract date: 21st May – 30th June
Finishing contract date: 21st August – 30th September
Minimal contract period: 3 months
Required knowledge of English language: Intermediate fairbanks-alaska


Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided
Housekeeping $ 9.50 Yes No

Pike’s  Waterfront Lodge – is a family company which has offered quality catering service for a long period of time. Hotel started its business in 2000. There is also a fine dining restaurant Pike’s Landing operating within the company. They have very positive experiences with Work and Travel students’ team and they welcome them to this popular tourist destination on Alaska.



Job title Hourly wage Tips Housing provided Average hours per week Overtime
Housekeeping staff $ 8.75 Yes No 35 Yes
Kitchen worker $ 8.75 No No 35 Yes