Denali, Alaska

Denali is one of the most popular places for students in Work and Travel program, because it enables a large number of working hours, various advantages related to the meals and favorable accommodation conditions! During the summer, it is one of the 5 most visited places by the tourists from America and Canada.

Why work in Denali National Park?

  • For $ 15 a day you get accommodation and 3 meals.
  • A lot of fun for employees – rafting, sports tournaments, trips to nearby towns, sports grounds for employees
  • One of the most beautiful places in the world

About Denali, Alaska:
It spreads on 6 million hectares on Alaska, it is covered by forests, Alpine tundra, snowy mountains including the highest top of the Northern America– Mount McKinley – 6168m.
The annual park is visited by over 400 hikers who enjoy wildlife observation, hiking, and the like.
The average temperature in July and August in the park is around 18°C.




It is situated on 2 hours of drive to Anchorage, in town Talkeetna which represents the starting point for all the mountain adventures.

It is one of the best locations for fishing, hiking and rafting on whole Alaska.

Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Overtime
Dishwasher $ 8.75 No 35 hours Yes
Laundry Worker $ 8.75 No 35 hours Yes