Most CIEE campsites are very traditional. Camps can be mixed or campsites where only girls or boys can participate. For a large number of families in America, camps represent a tradition. It often happens that members of one family attend the same summer camp. This creates a unique and close atmosphere between family members.


Some campsites are:

Standard Traditional

Only girls, only boys or both, can stay in the camp. This type of camp offers a wide range of activities. This camp offers mostly a full season that consists of 7-8 weeks or half a season lasting 3 to 4 weeks plus at least one week that is intended for training at the beginning of the summer. The activities that the camp offers are mainly sports on land and in water, activities related to art, camping, canoeing or something similar.


Specialized camps that are focused on a particular sport or activity such as riding, sailing or theater. These camps can also include campsites that are specialized for children with attention deficit and children with hyperactivity.


These camps are sponsored by various groups and charities that fund it. They are focused on children who come from poor families or extremely rural areas of America or have had a difficult and problematic childhood. Some camps offer the possibility of the whole family stay.

Non- profit

These campsites are similar to standard-traditional campsites and offer a wide range of activities within them. They are connected with social agencies that help and finance campsites. Sometimes they are a part of a larger organization that runs some sort of programs throughout the year. Campsites decisions are often based on a mission and are sometimes determined by a committee of organizations behind them.


Girl Scout

Camps that can only be attended by girls and often include their two-week stay. In these camps, they usually hire female staff, but some of the men are also welcome. It has a reconnaissance character and most of the Girl Scout campsites use tents to stay in nature. Scout associations are very well connected and generally have their regional offices throughout the United States. The focus of the camp can be traveling, outdoor education etc.


Religious camps

Most of these camps are connected to Christian or Jewish religion and include religious, but also many other activities, that are not directly related to religion. The emphasis on religion varies from camp to camp.


Special Needs

These camps represent specialized camps for children with special needs, whether they suffer emotional or physical constraints such as autism, Daun’s syndrome and other similar constraints. This is certainly a campsite that offers the greatest challenge and experience.