As a part of the CIEE Camp Exchange USA program, for up to 10 week you will discover what being a leader and a teacher really means. By sharing your knowledge you will discover your own strengths and interests by helping others develop new talents and through the true values and life in nature, you will learn with them about life in America. In addition to all this during the entire process, you will develop your own skills.


No matter which role you take in the camp, through the CIEE Camp Exchange USA program you will participate in the transformation of the cultural exchange experience that will enable you to:

  • Experience and understand American culture
  • Make a change in the lives of children in the summer camp
  • Develop basic leadership and teaching abilities and independence
  • Make lifelong friendships with your peers, mentors and camp youths
  • Become the ambassador of your country
  • Share a part of yourself and your culture through meaningful interaction with kids from the camp and colleagues at work
  • Become a part of one of the 300 campsites with which the CIEE organizer cooperates
  • Earn money that you can later use for travel to the United States within 30 days after completing the program.


Within the CIEE Camp Exchange USA program you will spend up to 10 weeks in nature, you will gain new skills and upgrade existing ones, learn how to be a leader and teacher, andl have the opportunity to gain lifelong friendships. After the time spent at the camp, you will have 30 days to travel around the United States, experience American culture, and lifestyle in full.