Cedar Point

This fun park is situated on the coast of the Erie Lake in Sandusky, Ohio. It was opened in 1870. This park has more roller coasters than any fun park in the world and for years back it has been proclaimed to be the best fun park. In its offer it has a water park- Soak City (it spreads on 18 hectares), 2 km long beach, 3 resort hotels, indoor water park, luxurious camp for RV vehicles with cabins and cottages and two large marinas for the yachts and ships. In Sandusky town, there are over 30 restaurants and 100 hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts. That provides great possibilities for additional job.

Cedar Point

Advantages for the employees:

  • • Free entrance to Cedar Point & Soak City water park (all fun programs available)
  • • Provided accommodation with free wireless Internet – only $30-45/per week
  • • Cheap breakfast/lunch/dinner in cafeteria
  • • Recreational centers for the employees
  • • Free activities for the employees (parties, picnic etc.). Cheap bus travels to other tourist destinations (Niagara Falls, Chicago…)

About Sandusky
It is situated in Ohio, half way between Toledo and Cleveland. It has population of 25 000 people, and in 2011, it was chosen for “the best place for cheap life in the USA” according Forbes magazine. Cedar Point, surrounding islands, sailing, indoor and outdoor water park make tourism backbone in Sandusky.


  • Sandusky has continental climate with hot, humid summers. Average temperature in July and August is about 28°C.

Position: cashier, housekeeping, ride operator; $7.95/hour
Starting contract date: 21st May – 21st July
Finishing contract date: 7th July– 1st October
Minimal contract period: 10 weeks, desirable 12-14
Required knowledge of English language: Advanced