California is situated on the West Coast of the USA and it is the most populated federal state with 38 million of people. It spreads along 900 miles of the Pacific Coast from Oregon on the north to Mexico on the south, whereas on the east, it spreads to Arizona and Nevada. It is characterized by geographical variety due to its huge area – Sierra Nevada Mountain, the Pacific Coast, the Mojave Desert, Death Valley (the lowest point in the USA). In Sierra Nevada mountains, there are several most visited national parks, such as Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park (natural habitat of the largest living organism in the world – sequoia wood), then the largest lake in the state – Lake Tahoe … Tourism represents one of 5 leading sectors according to the number of the employed in California and it represents significant source of income.

Capital city of this state is Sacramento, whereas, the largest city is Los Angeles with the population of something less than 4 million of people.



Location: Homewood, Lake Tahoe, CA

Beautiful hotel and restaurant with one of the most beautiful views on the Lake Tahoe – the largest north American Alpine lake and the second deepest lake in America.It is the part of the resort complex Homewood Mountain Resort.

Students are offered an opportunity to work in the area of the beautiful Tahoe Lake. Employer assists students in finding accommodation, students get the chance to gain working experience in high-end catering object and they have a possibility to spend their free days enjoying kayaking, swimming, fishing, mountain climbing and other activities.

Why working in West Shore Cafe & Inn:

• Experience the beautiful Tahoe Lake
• Accommodation provided for 100$ per week
• 2 hours of drive to Sacramento


Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing provided Overtime
Prep/Line Cook $ 10.00 No 30 hours Yes Yes
Dishwasher $ 10.00 No 30 hours Yes Yes
Busser $ 10.00 No 30 hours Yes Yes
Near one million of tourists visit Santa Catalina Island yearly. It is situated 22 miles from L.A. in Santa Catalina Bay. The island is a popular destination due to diving in the crystal clear water of Pacific and numerous sea bays, sailing on boats with glass bottom, sailing …Santa Catalina
Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing
Housekeeping $11.00 No 40 hours $49
Guest Services $11.00 No 40 hours $49
Cashier $9.00 No 40 hours $100


San Diego

San Diego is the second largest city in California and one of the rare cities which provides so many different things to everyone who visits it. Thanks to the mild climate, tourism is one of the leading economy branches of this city.

Tourist attractions include:

  • SeaWorld San Diego
  •  San Diego Zoo & Zoo Safari Park
  • Legoland California Waterpark & SeaLife Aquarium
  • USS Midway Museum
  • Old Town San Diego
  • Balboa park.


San Francisco

City which does not have to be specially presented, the city, which for a long period of time, enjoys the position of a popular tourist destination whether it comes to the visit for the purpose of enjoyment in landscapes, fun or shopping. In San Francisco, there are also head offices of famous American companies such as Gap Inc, Yelp, Twitter, Mozilla…


Location: San Francisco

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was established by an Italian immigrant Domingo Ghirardelli in San Francisco in 1852 during Californian “Gold Rush”. Today, it is the oldest chocolate factory in the USA.



Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing
Chocolateer $12.50 No 35 hours No
Location: San Francisco

Bay City Bike Rentals & Tours deals with renting bicycles and organizing of tours through which tourists can explore San Francisco and its surroundings in the best way. Company Work and Travel employs students from the whole world and the employees have an opportunity that with everyday communication with tourists improve the knowledge of English language.


Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing Overtime
Customer Service-Tour Guide Staff $12.25 No 35 hours No Possible