AVALON, New Jersey

Avalon is a tourist place which is situated in the state of New Jersey. It is situated 10 km from Wildwood, on the Seven Mile Beach. This town has a unique charm, which you cannot find anywhere else. It offers so many things: sailing, surfing, kayaking, hiking, enjoying the sunset, shopping in the unique shopping district along Dune Drive ( over 100 boutiques, shops)… The real estate prices in this area are among the higher ones in the USA.



The Golden Inn Hotel & Resort is an ideal place for a vacation. It is situated a few steps far from the beach. For the last 50 years, it has represented the best place on the New Jersey shore. This hotel has 157 rooms, conference center, more restaurants, a pool and a private beach.

Why working in The Golden Inn Hotel & Resort:

  • Spend summer in a popular destination on Jersey shore
  • Employer offers a large number of working hours, great possibilities for finding additional job.
  • Use your free day for an excursion to the nearby cities Atlantic City, New York, Philadelphia.

Golden INN

Job title Hourly wage Tips Hours per week Housing Overtime
Guest Room Attendant $ 9.00 Yes 30 No Yes
Beach Attendant $ 7.25 Yes 40 No Yes
 Busperson $ 8.00 Yes 32 No Yes
 Bellman $ 8.00 Yes 32 No Yes
Restaurant Hostess $ 9.00 No 30 No Yes
Food Runner Indoor $ 9.00 No 32 No Yes
Food Expeditor $ 10.50 No 32 No Yes
Food Runner (Sandbar) $ 7.00 No 32 No Yes