Atlantic City

Atlantic City
Nickname “America’s Favorite Playground” says enough about this city. It is situated in the south part of New Jersey. It is known for its famous promenade, casinos, shopping, bars and beaches. It is also known as a gambling capital of the East and there is the first promenade (boardwalk) in the USA, which was opened in the old 1870. One of the main attractions of Atlantic City is also Steel Pier- steel dock, where a fun park was opened in 1898.
Atlantic City is 80km far from Philadelphia and 180km from New York what gives the city wonderful geographic position. City has 12 casinos, 60 hotels and over 300 restaurants, bars and cafes.

Climate: Average temperature during summer is around 25°C.

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Flagship resortEmployer 1
Flagship Resort

This luxurious hotel with 32 floors is situated in the beginning of the famous Broadwalk and it offers top service and unforgettable vacation to its guests

-Employees in Flagship Resort will have:

-Great location for work, next to the city beach

-Ability to go on weekend excursions in New York City and Philadelphia

-Help in finding the accommodation in A.C.

-Organized parties and socializing.

Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Overtime
Guest Room attendant $ 8.38 Yes 35 hours Yes
Houseman $ 8.38 No 35 hours Yes
Laundry attendant $ 8.38 No 35 hours Yes

Employer 2Steel_Pier_600_450
Atlantic Pier Amusement

Atlantic Pier Amusement is a fun park which has existed more than 100 years and it is situated on the dock above the Atlantic Ocean. It offers to its visitors more than 25 exciting drives and many fun electronic games.

Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Housing cost per week Overtime
Game Attendant,Cashier $ 8.38 No 30 hours $100 Yes
Food Beverage,Retail Sales,Customer Service $ 8.38 No 30 hours $100 Yes