Anchorage (Alaska)

Anchorage 2Over the last two years hit destination for the program participants. This is not an offer for work in the fish factories, but for work in exclusive restaurants and hotels in the biggest city of Alaska!

Anchorage represents combination of luxurious city and unexplored nature. That makes it an unforgettable destination. Unlike other American cities, it is much more available when it comes to prices and life expenses and it does not have any sales tax. In 2010, it had population of 290.000 people, whereas yearly income per household in Anchorage is about 73 000 dollars

Economy growth in this state is constant and it is not so susceptible to financial crisis. Local economy relies to a large extent on natural resources. The biggest export products from this state are oil, natural gas, seafood… anchorage-alaska

Tourism is one of the leading economy sectors in Alaska. Need for the working power is huge. Alaska is one of the states which you have to visit at least once in your life. Temperatures during summer are moderate and fine, and Anchorage provides all the possibilities as the other cities in the USA.

There are over 60 hotels and more than 150 restaurants!


Positions in restaurants and hotels on which students will work are:

Job title Hourly wage Tips Average hours per week Overtime
Hostess $10-$12 Yes 35 Yes
Dishwasher $10-$13 Yes 35 Yes
Busser $7.75-$10 Yes ($50-$100 average per day) 35 Yes
Fast food worker $9-$11 Yes 35 Yes
Prep cook $10-$13 Yes 35 Yes
Houseman $10-$13 Yes 35 Yes
Housekeeping $10-$13 No 35 Yes