About our offers

Work and Travel Group sends students to the locations and places in the USA in which is possible to work additional job and where life conditions, as well as, safety are convenient for the program participants! It is very important that student pays maximal attention to the location where they will stay, because the USA provides a lot of choices and only small percentage of locations is convenient for the program participants!

We highlight some of them that have proved to be excellent Work and Travel locations with their diverse range of jobs, cultural content and other characteristics : Marthas Vineyard, Cape Cod, Alaska, North & South Carolina, Washington D.C.
Together with our partners we also chose for our participants : Rhode Island, Maine, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, California,Texas…

Our long-term experience and cooperation with a large number of partners in the USA enables us to provide for students to stay in the attractive locations for Summer Work and Travel Program in which they will find additional jobs on which they will enjoy during their stay in the program!

Our partners in the USA are companies which have been dealing with the organization of the student programs for more than 30 years, which is crucial for students during their stay in the USA so as to have the real support in every moment!