Unique Services

Find out why many employers are interested in our Recruiting Programs and Special Services...

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Industries Served

Retail Establishments,
Restaurants and Office workers

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Job Fair

The best solution for employers to meet candidates in person, interview and hire them...

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Unique Services

Our goal is to save you time and provide you with a chance to hire the best.

  • Candidate Screening
  • English preparation
  • Cultural training
  • ServSafe Certification
  • Pre-Employment Training
  • Arrival organization
  • Job Fair
  • Taking care of candidates
  • 24 hour service

Unique Services

How has  WATG established themselves as one of the  leading companies for international seasonal work employment and Why are we recognized for the level of preparation our recruits have? 

Candidate screening, including psychological evaluation and English language testing. 

is a partner with WATG. Ticket Service USA arranges the recruit's entire travel itinerary from arrival to departure.

English language preparation and exercises in our professional education center. Manhattan is recommended by the British Council.

Ensures a quality of understanding and respect for ALL candidates and we offer 24 hour service for all employers and participants.

Training and preparation for all candidates that specifically focuses on their future assignments. Charles Cather, a former manager in the automobile industry, provides American culture, hospitality English and sales training. Troy Neuenburg, who is CV certified instructor, provides SerSafe Certificates to each candidate along with hospitality courses.

A job fair is offered during the recruitment process.The Job Fair includes the opportunity for employers to meet candidates in person, interview them, and hire those that meet their requirements. ALL expenses are covered by Work and Travel Group.