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SUMMER Work & Travel Program

Program SWT J1 students

This program focuses on fulfilling the seasonal demands of US companies with international university students during their summer recess. This program allows the student to legally take up employment in the US for the period of up to four months, with an option to travel for up to 30 days upon completion of their work component of their visit.
These educational exchange programs can help organizations staff positions that are affected by skills gaps or a lack of local applicants that could fill these vacancies.
For international students, this is a unique opportunity to experience work life in the USA, improve your English, share your culture with Americans, and show off your work skills. 

Selected international employees are fully authorized to work in the US, receive social security numbers, pay income taxes, and are insured through their sponsor company.

International employees offer diversity in the workplace, giving your company that "global" feel no matter where your company is located.

When filling seasonal positions, international students can stay employed up to 4 months, much longer than US students whose vacation period is limited to 1 or 2 months only.

The Best solution for your SEASONAL NEEDS
Seasonal staff for restaurants, hotels, casinos, golf clubs, SPAs, pools, tent and event companies, amusement parks...



Student candidates in this area may take up employment in hotels, casinos, ski resorts, amusement parks, golf courses, spas and other such facilities. The most common positions hired for include wait staff, housekeeping, reception, kitchen help, ski instructor, life guard (licensed only), golf course maintenance, front desk attendant, caddie, tourist guide, host, character actor (theme parks), ride operators and many others.


employees may work as cashiers, greeters, stock persons, merchandisers, supervisors, shelf-stackers, customer service representatives etc...



International students may work as servers, cooks, hostesses, cashiers, wait staff, supervisors, bus persons, food preparers, dishwashers, and other such areas.


Many offices wish for short-term staff that is bilingual and motivated. Students can bring technology skills and hard work to any office job.