Candidates must have a strong command of  the English language,
a friendly demeanor, positive attitude, enthusiasm, desire to learn,  and have the ability to integrate and interact with others. They must also be diligent and display professionalism at the workplace. Lastly, they must have the appropriate length of university background. 



All international candidates are carefully screened to assure they possess the necessary skills, education and work ethic that's required to be successful in this temporary assignment. WATG recruits students from Serbia but dependent on the employer's desire, we can also recruit candidates from various countries including Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, FYR Macedonia, Croatia, and Bulgaria.

We want to ensure the best qualified employees for our employment partners and to provide the best matches possible.
As such, we seek complete information on the nature of the work, the city/town, climate and all other details of the position. Rigorous screening is conducted for those candidates that were chosen to be interviewed in order to select only the most qualified ones. We convey all the details to the applicants to allow them to make proper decisions. Screening is done based on the employer's specific requirements and job description for each position to be filled.
We want to make sure that you and your organization are pleased with the quality of the international student workforce recruited by WATG.
Part of our mutual success will greatly depend on how prepared these individuals are upon their arrival. WATG and its partners are committed to the compliance of regulations and the preparation of summer work and travel participants through providing orientation in their home country as well as when they arrive in US on key topics such as US regulations, law, obligations, cultural difference, expectations of the employer, the realities of working in the USA and other relevant topics.